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Translation Proofreading

Desource offers expert language translation and editing services in over 60 languages and dialects. Get Desource Translation Proofreading Service because we make sure that there are no translation errors and that no passages from the original have been left over.

Translation Proofreading That Makes Your Text Flawless

Desource offers expert language translation and editing services in over 60 languages and dialects. Get Desource Translation Proofreading Service because we make sure that there are no translation errors and that no passages from the original have been left over.

We provide:

  • editing,
  • correction of grammatical faults,
  • punctuation problems,
  • and other linguistic proofreading services.

We deal with various legal, medical, academic, and technological sectors, so our services apply to any company, organization, or person.

  • Getting translation proofreading at a low cost is just a few clicks away.
  • You only need to send transcripts and any material needed for proofreading.
  • Don’t forget to mention the deadlines.

We offer our customers 24/7 access to our customer service staff, so you can reach out at any time with questions.

The Proofreading Process for Translation and Transcription

It’s important to know what’s involved in the entire process when working with certified translation services for transcription, localization, or translation editing.

  • To help you make a sophisticated choice, we at Desource try to present you with as much information as possible.
  • When customers request proofreading, it usually includes many phases.
  • We edit translations for grammar and punctuation errors.

The next step is to double-check your work for errors like misspelled words and typos. Some mistakes we often find are:

  • incorrect use of tenses,
  • confusion between a dash and a hyphen,
  • incorrect use of commas,
  • and improper word choice.

To find the proper spelling and grammar, our editor would carefully examine each word both independently and in conjunction with other words.

In addition, our service takes care of formatting concerns. If you have any reason to believe your file has problems, please let us know to inspect it for you.

Our Proofreading team perform Two Main Tasks

It means we support translation and proofreading separately too.

  • The first step is translating and then proofreading the final product.
  • Besides editing, we also provide translation services, such as English-to-French and German-to-Spanish translation.
  • As a result, we can translate and then proofread your product. Another option is just to do the proofreading. Even if your documents have previously been translated, our linguists can smooth out any rough edges and remove errors.

Desource Translation Proofreading Price

We want to make our service costs as low as possible so that we can successfully serve as many customers as possible.

  • Depending on the sector and language pair, one proofread word may cost as little as $0.05 (mention your average pricing).
  • Some specializations are more costly than others.
  • A medical specialization costs more than an art and literary specialization.

Get a quote or more information by contacting us.

  • Then, we’ll get back to you with pricing details.
  • Also, keep in mind that we provide transcribing services via the internet.
  • Our specialists can write it for you and proofread it to ensure that your target audience understands your message in their native tongue.
  • Again, anything you ask for regarding your document translation and editing, we’ll do.

We Only Hire Experts

Translation proofreading is a sensitive task that the finest proofreaders should only perform.

  • It’s not enough to translate sound identical to the source material.
  • You also need to ensure that your intended audience will like it.
  • If you need precise German translation services, many language specialists can offer them for you.
  • However, there are just a handful of people who are qualified to act as proofreaders.
  • We carefully choose these individuals, putting them through rigorous testing, verifying the authenticity of their credentials, and keeping tabs on them for the first few months of their employment.
  • A methodical strategy like this guarantees top-notch results.

Other Advantages of Being Our Client

We gained repeat buyers every month because of the following advantages of our service:

#1 Prompt Delivery

We allow consumers to choose their own deadlines when ordering from us. Even if it’s an emergency, our business is likely to locate a team quickly since many of our employees are available at all times.

#2 Numerous Services to choose from

Our company provides a variety of flexible pricing options.

Customers will get the help they need here regardless of whether they are a person or a business.

#3 Dependable support

Customers can get in  touch with a customer service representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer any questions they may have. If you contact them at any time of day or night, you will get a response within a few seconds.

#4 Cutting-edge technology and linguists with extensive experience

We use cutting-edge technologies, such as glossary memory tools to improve the performance of our workers.

  • They help in the synchronization of translations as well as the accuracy of technical definitions.
  • Clients may also inquire as to whether or not translations are subject to revision.
  • While it’s true that our linguists revise their work regularly, proofreading entails much more.
  • Sometimes there will always be  a small number of niggling problems, which is why we employ top-notch human specialists who can handle them.

Translation Proofreading with Document Security Guaranteed

Most individuals are apprehensive about disclosing personal information for fear of it being abused or leaked.

  • Fortunately, we can keep you safe from these threats.
  • Our business adheres to a formal legal framework when it comes to privacy
  • Therefore, no one on our staff may violate a customer’s trust without suffering severe legal consequences.
  • We take data security very seriously.

Similarly, one could question the efficacy of translation checking.

  • Know that we will take full responsibility in the event of a mistake or a lack of satisfaction with the final papers produced.
  • If you believe your circumstance calls for modification or a refund, please let us know, and we’ll get right on it.
  • If we can’t  meet your expectations, we’ll credit your card with the appropriate amount.

We are The Best in The Market

Our translation and proofreading company is unquestionably the best in the business.

  • If you’re concerned about the text’s correctness or the linguist’s proficiency, our service would happily put your mind at ease.
  • Reach us by Sending a message if you have any questions, and fill out the order form with as much information as possible.
  • As soon as your files are uploaded to our servers, our team will begin working on your purchase.
  • Due to the importance of your confidence, we will not let you down.
  • You can rely on getting error-free material by the date you set.

What Are The Acceptable File Types?

Please send your file in whichever format you have. There are many different file types that we can work with, all of which are designed to be user-friendly for you.

How Quickly Can I Expect To Get A Translation Proofread?

You may specify a specific deadline, or we can set one for you depending on the quantity and complexity of your project. If you need immediate service, please let us know.

How Much Time Does It Take To Only Proofreading a Document?

Again, it depends on the document’s size and the difficulties of the content.

Our proofreaders typically take about 20 minutes to make a single page error-free, although they may work faster and still be just as effective if the time is tight.


# What is translational proofreading?

Proofreading is a term that combines the words “proof” and “reading.” Proof refers to a technique for ensuring an accurate copy, while reading refers to looking over the text. This technique helps ensure that your translated document will be error-free before it is distributed. They control word usage, grammar, spelling and punctuation. They make sure that there are no translation errors and that no passages from the original have been left over.

# When proofreading 1000 words, how long should it take?

Script editing can take 2-3 hours, but it’s worth the investment for that extra polish. In general, the usual rate at which copyeditors edit is 4 pages (or 1,000 words) per hour.

 # How much do proofreaders charge per word?

Among professional proofreading services, per-word rates range from $. 01 to $.10 cent.

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