Sworn Translation

If you have ever had to have a birth certificate translated into another language, then you probably know just how expensive and tedious the process can be. That is why, here at Desource, we are happy to handle any official document you can come up with and translate it into the target language of your choice.

Over the years, we have handled birth certificates, marriage certificates, deeds, university degrees and other diplomas, affidavits, court rulings and witness statements, to name a few.

Sworn translations are usually required if you are submitting documents in a foreign language to a university, police station, court, government agency or to an NGO. The certification requirements vary greatly depending on your location and situation.

Our expert team of sworn translators have years of experience and are not only able to deliver exceptional quality, they can do so in record time. Each and every member has either been certified, notarised or sworn. While in some countries, this is as simple as registering with a governmental body or simply demonstrating proficiency, in others it implies taking an oath, and sometimes even undergoing specific training.

All the projects we handle ensure that the document in the target language has the exact same layout as that of the source language, allowing for easy comparisons between the two to be made.

We understand that every case is different and usually requires specific skills and is subject to various legal requirements. Before contacting us, please ensure that you have checked the level of certification required for your translation.

Contact us now for a quote so that we may discuss the particularities of your specific case in detail and determine the best course of action together.

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