Here at Desource, we are pleased to offer professional and high-quality transcription services for all your audio-to-text needs. While technology is indeed catching up with human transcribers, the current levels of accuracy and quality that software can deliver are still very much below our standards, which is why we only use human transcribers.

Our team are used to picking up on the spoken language, such as idioms, slang and dialects, enabling us to transcribe and/or translate your content much more accurately than any machine or software currently can.

This service is particularly useful for journalists, academics, or anyone else who has recorded something and needs it to be converted into text as accurately and efficiently as possible.

We can also combine transcription with translation and reproduce your content in a different language. This service is the preferred option for journalists conducting interviews in foreign languages, for example.

We can handle almost any audio format, including video files, although MP3 and Wave files are preferred for audio transcription.Simply send us an audio file, detailing the source language, target language and deadline, and we will get back to you with a quote. For the sake of speed and efficiency, please ensure the files you send us are of the highest quality possible.

We now also handle video subtitling as part of our transcription service. Contact us now for more information.

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