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Urgent Translation Projects Need Translation Fast? No Worries!

When it comes to finding high-quality, fast human translation solutions for multinational businesses, get urgent translation service by Desource.

For our customers to succeed globally, we use industry-leading language translation technology that enables our expert linguists to translate accurately and quickly for them.

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Do You Need A Translation Sent Fast?

For the most part, success is determined by how quickly a translation can be provided at the appropriate moment. We’ll give it a top priority.

  • Rapid translation services are translations that must be completed on the same day.
  • We can translate over 2,000 words each business day.
  • Quality must never be sacrificed for speed.
  • We’d be glad to talk with you over the phone and in emails about the general quality level needed.
  • We can strike the appropriate balance between time and quality with a brief and clear explanation of the kind of translation and the text’s purpose.

One Hour Translation Service

Translations of fewer than 500 words may take advantage of our most valuable urgent translation service.

  • We can provide the translated text within one hour.
  • If you need to promptly issue a press release or news alert, this is the solution for you.

24-Hour Translation Service

For this service, we promise to finish your translation within 24 hours.

  • Our multi-translators can work simultaneously on the process.
  • Projects that need to be translated in 24 hours or less are more expensive than those completed in 48 hours or less.

48-Hour Translation Service

No matter how long your document is, we can get it back to you in as little as two days after you place your project with us.

  • Using our 48-Hour Service will cost you a little more since our rapid translation team will put your project first and deliver it in 2 days instead of 3 or 4.
  • However, this service is relatively cheaper than a 24-hour one.

Our professional translators are usually available for standard service within two days after receiving a 3000-word document. However, this may vary depending on their availability.

Professional Translation Services for Rapid Turnaround

When you work with Desource, you get the best of both worlds: quick turnaround times and top-notch translation quality.

  • We are aware that businesses often need urgent translation services to ensure the correctness of their papers on time.
  • We’ve made significant investments in next-generation translation management systems that automate our task management to achieve unmatched project turnaround times.
  • We also employ the finest expert human translators the language business offers to guarantee the highest linguistic quality without slowing down the translation process.
  • To get an immediate translation quotation, drag and drop your files into our online translation platform.

What’s the Process of Urgent Translation?

Since conventional translation procedures have been simplified, we can now provide around-the-clock online translation help to worldwide businesses who need their papers to be translated quickly.

  • We have one of the biggest teams of experienced in-country translators and subject matter experts available to respond to your translation requirements at any time and from any location.
  • We have linguists available to translate from mobile and desktop devices to provide the quickest translation turnaround times.
  • In today’s fast-paced digital economy, businesses increasingly rely on Desource for urgent translation services.

Here are the steps to order:

  1. You contact us by phone or email and let us know when you need anything.
  2. Promptly, we provide an offer that includes a set price and the timeframe we agreed upon.
  3. If you agree to the offer, you’ll get an email with a link to confirm and sign the agreement.
  4. We’ll go to work on the translation right away and send it to you through email along with an invoice.
  5. A customized quotation that meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations is something I always aim for.

How Much Time Does It Take For A Rapid Translation Order?

Multiple translators may be assigned to big documents that need to be translated quickly.

Everything we do will be focused on meeting the deadline. To demonstrate our flexibility, we have included an example of a deadline we were able to fulfill below:

  • Our translation speed is around 300 words per hour when done by a single translator (2,000 words per day).
  • 550 words per hour is the speed at which two translators may work on a single document (3,850 words per day).
  • More than two translators may be assigned to a single project for specific tasks.
  • Do you need an annual report translated at the last minute? Or are you in a hurry to have a book translated for a publisher? It’s no issue at all! Even if you need a translation right now, we can help.

We Work For Any Translation Project

Many sectors, such as life sciences (medical), banking, legal, engineering, and technology, use Desource’s translation services because they are accurate and quick.

  • We offer urgent translation services for big corporate papers and basic text translation on-demand (typically within the hour).
  • Large files are automatically divided into smaller projects by our system, allowing several pre-approved linguists to work on them simultaneously.
  • To guarantee linguistic consistency and correctness among many translators, Desource uses real-time translation memory and terminology management systems.
  • Our technology automatically combines the translated text into one cohesive whole to provide the quickest document translation services available.
  • Enterprise localization is now easy, thanks to our in-house translation staff.

Meet Client’s Expectation

In terms of project delivery time, client expectations have shifted due to the digital revolution. There is no exception to this rule when it comes to translation.

  • To satisfy worldwide consumer expectations and remain ahead of the competition, an increasing number of businesses require an urgent translation of their business papers.
  • Because of this, our client’s business development will be accelerated across languages with the help of Desource, the agile translation firm.
  • As a result of our always-on and continuous human translation solutions, we’re upending the translation industry.

Don’t Assume That Fast Translation Means Bad Quality

You may relax knowing that if you need translation services quickly, the quality will not be compromised.

  • The fact that we work with highly skilled translators means that we are well-equipped to meet the demands of a wide range of customers.
  • A professional project manager is assigned to your translation project to evaluate it from beginning to finish and quickly answer your questions.

How Much Does Immediate Document Translation Cost?

Whether you need a 48-hour translation or a 24-hour translation, we’ll provide you with quality document translation at an affordable price.

We strongly advise you to get in touch with us right away to discuss your needs and the associated costs.

Does Your Translation Service Really Cover All Industries?

To assist our customers in achieving their deadlines and starting interacting globally as soon as possible, we provide expert-quality, fast translation services at Desource Translations.

To guarantee high-quality translations, we exclusively employ human translators. Our professional translation agency’s language specialists will always rely on their own experience.

FAQ: Urgent Translation

# How long does it take to translate 8000 words?

Urgent Translations have a team of translators waiting, so they’ll complete the translation of 8000 words for you in 5-6 hours or less! It is a reliable service and an excellent time-saver. If you find yourself in this situation without your usual translator, look no further than Urgent Translations.

# Is the urgent translation rate higher than other translation services?

Some translation companies may cut corners, engage in unethical business practices, or employ illegal immigrant labour in the race to fill your order as fast as possible. Urgent projects require our project managers and translators to work overtime and, often, overnight. So, the price of an urgent translation is slightly higher than that of a standard translation.

# How much does it cost to hire a translator?

The cost of hiring a translator varies wildly depending on which service you want, an estimated time of completion, the translator’s experience, etc. For example, some services will do a basic job for $20, while others will charge $45 for an hour.

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  • When you use our rapid translation service, you won’t have to worry about essential papers taking a long time to translate.
  • When you inquire, you’ll notice the brisk pace of our quick service right away: we’ll get back to you with a precise and very competitive quotation within an hour.
  • We can assist you in translating your paper depending on your industry since we have over 2,000 translators working on it. Desource Translations can handle any translation project, from technical to official to legal.

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