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About Us

Desource is a translation and localization service that works solely with native translators located in the nation of their target language.

  • As a result, our translators are immersed in their native tongue all the time.
  • It enables them to produce consistently high-quality translations. The services offered by Desource provide the translations of any file or website and transcribing and subtitling, among many others.

Proofreading, Editing, and Translation Services

Free editing and proofreading are included in all of our translation services.

  • All of our work through a rigorous TEP (translation, editing, and proofreading) procedure.
  • We provide editing and also proofreading services for translations done by another source.
  • Because of our cutting-edge technology, we’re able to provide customers with very low prices.
  • Using Desource’s fully automated project management platform, we can drastically reduce administrative expenses while providing high-quality translation services.

Only the translation itself is NOT automated throughout the whole process. All translations are carried out hand by experienced local experts with a careful eye for detail.

Translation cost per word

Here at Desource, we provide different prices and quality assurance levels based on the translation needed.

You can choose how many translators you will need, and the project’s turnaround time, etc. Therefore our customers can select the service that best fits their requirements at any one moment.

We Accept Bulk Translation Project

A comprehensive terminology dictionary unique to the client’s documents is often developed for a bulk translation project.

  • Translators refer to the lexicon as they work.
  • The new words are added when they come up.
  • Creating a glossary is the responsibility of the content manager, who is also in charge of disseminating it across the linguist teams and keeping it up to date over time.
  • The project manager delivers the text, glossary, and any special privileges to the professional legal translator once the glossary has been accepted by the client (s).

After translation, the materials are handed over to the project manager for assessment before being handed over to the editing team for a thorough review before final publication.

  • To guarantee the accuracy and consistent application of grammar rules, orthography, syntax, terminology, and style, the editor(s) will check translated material segment by segment with the source text.
  • The project manager will submit the text to the content manager after completing evaluating the modifications made by the editor(s).
  • He will also check the terminology for technical validity.
  • The editor will further check for small grammar or spelling mistakes to ensure the translated material is accurate and faithful.
  • Upon completion of the content manager’s final review, the project manager gives the translated text for one last quality check.
  • Before sending the files to the account manager and approving the delivery of the project, the project manager will check the final translation and the revised glossary.

Proofreading Service from Any Source

Desource is used to dealing with material that has been translated from other sources.

  • Our proofreading and editing services can help you get the most accurate, trustworthy, and grammatically sound translation from a third-party source, whether it’s an agency, internal staff resource, or a friend.
  • If you want to communicate the right message and preserve your professional image, this may make all the difference.

Editing Service that Loves Perfection

When it comes to resolving issues with previously translated documents, Desource offers editing as a service.

  • Whether you want a second opinion on your translated content or are dissatisfied with the original translation, the editors at Desource are standing by to take a look.
  • We may change the content to fit a specific local market based on fresh inputs or considerations (such as a new target audience).
  • To ensure that the translations are accurate, style, punctuation, cultural sensitivity, consistency, grammar, and readability are all taken into consideration, Desource thoroughly reviews all paperwork.
  • Every step of a project may benefit from our editing services.
  • We often collaborate and coordinate with other organizations to provide you with the result that is as precise and dependable as possible.
  • Avoid the risk of publishing a document that hasn’t been thoroughly reviewed and confirmed to be accurate.
  • Reprinting, republishing, and redistributing content will only cost more money and may harm your brand’s reputation in your target market.

When you realize that you can rely on Desource before hitting “Publish,” it is such a relief.

Translation Proofreading You Can Trust

When it comes to translation proofreading, Desource is the only company to call. When it comes to proofreading, we pay close attention to the tone and content consistency.

  • The text’s substance, structure, coherence, tone, and style are all examined as part of our proofreading service.
  • Double-checking ensures that there aren’t any typos or grammatical or capitalization problems.
  • Unlike editing, proofreading goes through your work to verify everything is correct (punctuation, grammar, spelling, and basic style, for starters).
  • Another critical difference is that just the target version of the documentation is involved in proofreading services.
  • Of course, if we discover anything that has to be corrected, we’ll notify you as soon as possible. In-depth revisions of the translated text and the source files are included in editing services.

Typical Project Turnaround Time

Here are the typical turnaround timeframes depending on total word count and due notice for lining up resources. However, for certain areas (Asian or Middle Eastern), the time zone difference between our resources’ locations may impact our quick turnaround times.

In the range of 0 to ten 10,000 words:

just one day

  • 5 days for text between 10,000 and 100,000 words
  • 7 days for text between 100,000 and 200,000 words
  • 10 days for text between 200,000 and 500,000 words
  • 15 days for text between 500,000 and 1,000,000 words.
  • 30 days for text between a million and two million words
  • 45-60 days days for text between 2,000,000 and 5,000,000 words.
  • For amounts more than $5,000,000, please speak with our customer support.

Get in touch with us today!

Using our in-depth editorial and technical review process, we guarantee that the translated documents are perfect in every way.

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Every member of our team has been handpicked based on their experience, skillset and professionalism to ensure that every project becomes a success story we can be proud of.

Almost Every Language

With a truly global team of professional translators at your service, we can handle almost any source and target languages in the world.

Incredible Success Rates

A quick look at our statistics will suffice to determine that we pride ourselves on our stellar success rates and are driven by focusing on meeting our clients’ expectations.

Fast Service

While we never compromise on quality, we do strive to be faster than our competitors because we know that in the globalised society of today, time really is money.

We treat every project as if
The survival of the entire company
Depended on it, and strive to deliver
Excellent quality in record time.

Our Mission

Having grown very quickly over the last few years, our core focus at present is to build strong relationships with our clients, based on trust and a shared vision. With a highly decentralised business model guaranteeing flexibility and the ability to focus key strengths in specific areas, we have streamlined our approach and this gives us a key advantage when it comes to delivering excellent quality in record time. While not being so bold as to claim that we can handle any project you could think of, we do believe that our diverse and eclectic range of services have been developed with this utopic goal in mind.

Our team has grown organically from the inception of the company and this has allowed us to recruit driven and ambitious experts all over the world who are able to handle the pressure of delivering exceptional quality while meeting deadlines. Our mantra is that if, for one reason or another, you are not entirely satisfied with the end product,we will ensure that it meets your expectations.

We refuse to compromise on quality
Yet we are driven to deliver exceptional results
In an expedient and timely fashion
Because client satisfaction is a reflection
Of our own success.

Our Promise

Here at Desource, we understand that every project is different and requires unique skillsets to be completed properly. This is why our promise to you, the client, is that we promise to select the best person or team to handle your project and to deliver qualitative results on time. We never compromise on excellence, yet we believe that in this day and age, speed is key. That is why our team is goal-oriented and driven to meet the highest qualitative, ethical and moral standards in the industry – in record time.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and understand that our clients are often very busy. This is why we are happy to accept projects in any number of formats and deliver the completed task assigned to us on time, preferably long before the set deadline expires.

We are also happy to provide a reasonable amount of fine-tuning post-production because client satisfaction is what drives us to want to be the best in the industry.

Get in touch with our team now for a quote. You won’t be disappointed.

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