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Whether you sell your goods worldwide or just in one nation, product descriptions are essential to your business. Whether you require a single translation or thousands of descriptions for your entire product spectrum, Desource Translation offers excellent quality. Our team provides you with a professional translation and a localized version of the description for each product. It will be just as persuasive as the original product description.

  • Remember that it’s all about image marketing.
  • We guarantee that your message is retained via native translators in all documents essential to your marketing, including product descriptions, labeling and titles.

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Desource Translation offers translation services for the product description document of your business based on our audited procedures.

  • Our team guarantees that our corporate customers get all language translation services of the best quality in our industry.
  • We can provide precise, trustworthy, and economic translation services in more than 60 languages via the provision of translation services and the review of each document by a second translator.
  • We have sufficient linguistic abilities and experience in the field to fulfill all your communication requirements.

We Support any Product Description!

Desource Translation offers product description translation services for a wide variety of business sectors.

  • Desource Translation provides translation services to a broad range of companies for all product description papers. We offer knowledge and experience in different areas to qualified translators.
  • All our translators are allocated according to the translation needs of your product description paper.
  • Our simplified methods and quality assurance procedures enable us to concentrate our internal and external resources on offering your product description paper with translation services and any business documents to be translated.
  • Every work is reviewed by a second translator, allowing clients to tap into new markets worldwide confidently.

We Support Over 60 Languages for Any Ecommerce Product. We offer translation services from non-profit organizations to the ecommerce product description. Our extensive expertise in product description translation has enabled our customers to enter areas including Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, China, and Southeast Asia. Our capacity to help our customers quickly and effectively if they need their translated product description papers is essential to our business.

Make the Product Go Worldwide with Desource

Marketers will depend on many variables to market their brand or new goods. However, how words are supplied may play an essential part in helping consumers decide the ultimate purchase of an item.

  • A product description is a technique that specifies what a product is to convince a client to complete the final purchase.
  • Customers frequently use the appropriate information given, such as characteristics and advantages, to assist them in eventually decide how genuine the item is.
  • Our Translation Agency has reached a degree of knowledge of the marketing sector and the complexities associated with product description to promote the product’s sale.
  • Our translations are beneficial for websites and publications since they need to be adequately explained to make the consumer feel like they were physically trying the goods.
  • We will guarantee that the description reflects the product or service that best represents your brand’s image in the broader market reach.

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“Detail Oriented!.”..the first one to respond to me with a quotation after I applied to many companies. Desource is very detailed. They ask me to find out more about the kind of translation services I require in advance. Documents are always returned on or before the date promised. All the time, excellent communications!”



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“Desource constantly goes above tight schedules and quick service and asks inquiries to guarantee that our papers are properly adapted for our requirements. The translator is a credit to the company and a pleasure in working with.”



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“Desource was efficient and trustworthy. Followed up on issues of permission and translation… keeping everything on track. His team made a few of errors in English in order to guarantee appropriate translation. Meet your expectations and have been extremely professional.”



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There are many aspects of marketing that may be used to communicate a message to a target audience. However, the minor variations in different marketing platform types like posters, advertising, and labeling must be understood. Desource Translation Agency professionals comprehend the various texts and words used in the marketing sector in many ways. You realize that the aim of a product description is far from a marketing slogan. Our specialists will determine your target demographic and guarantee that the translation will inform consumers about the goods to come. We realize that descriptions must appeal to a target audience and use the correct vocabulary to mimic in any language the same reaction. Commitment to solid marketing translations to promote your company.

It is important to remember that language barriers exist in many marketing business areas and that not all claims can be translated verbatim. Desource Online Translation Agency’s experts have the necessary expertise to address particular cultural groups and recognize the language limits that may emerge with translations.

  • Quality guarantee: Translation only by native speakers of the target language)
  • Quality control across two stages by qualified staff
  • Service with free editing

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Our specialists are culturally conscious that the proper translation is used to approach a target demographic so that clients are not misled by misleading information and are forced to buy. In addition, we realize that not all translations in every language may have the same meaning. Our specialists will guarantee that the same original message for expanding your business image remains with each translation. The experienced team of Desource will always ensure your translation meets the needs of your target audience.

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