Technical Translation

Technical translations are a growing market segment of our core activity. With globalisation transforming the import-export landscape, we fully understand that you may require user manuals, technical diagrams, architectural blueprints, etc., to be translated into a wide range of languages.

That is why, here at Desource, we have cultivated, over the years, a team of expert linguists with background in a wide range of industries. Each member of the team brings key and unique skillsets to the table, enabling us to tackle (almost!) any project you can think of.

Our team boasts core competencies in a wide range of fields, such as usability engineering, technical communication, cognitive psychology, medical and pharmaceutical product guidelines, product maintenance and descriptions guides, and much more. Each and every translator has, over the years, developed their own unique skillset in specific fields, enabling them to use the right vocabulary and style to ensure the smoothest possible rendition of your material in a foreign language.

We can work with word documents, PDFs, and even scanned documents. If layout is important, we can even ensure that it is preserved in the final version. You can also submit your own style guides to us, so that our translators abide by certain frameworks and terminologies.

These days, while many companies favour computer-assisted translation when it comes to translating technical documents, we at Desource understand that software can often make mistakes, which is why we prefer 100% human translation.

Contact us now to discuss your project and together, we will determine the best course of action, so that your project is completed as accurately and efficiently as humanly possible.

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